2018 Scholarship Application

Updated Thursday January 25, 2018 by Bill Sanders.

February 1st is the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION deadline. Anyone who played Dixie Youth Baseball (not softball, Dixie Softball has their own scholarship and application on their website) while they were 12 or younger, are eligible to apply if they will be graduating high school this year! Application is on our website!

Couple of issues - no hats/caps/fish etc. in photos - means exactly what it says - head and shoulders - closeup is what we need.

One page per each enclosed requirement. We have to copy each application for the eleven scholarship committee members. That is a LOT of copying. No extra pages! Do not fold or staple, please. They jam the copier and slow down the whole shebang!

BEST TIP: READ the application thoroughly. It is half a page of reading. Follow the instructions closely and you will have our gratitude!

85 scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded by May 1st!

That is $170,000! youth.dixie.org

2018 Youth Scholarship Application.pdf